Having shot the Harmony Energy Harrogate 10K the previous year for the first time for them, the Harrogate Harriers asked me if I'd be willing to shoot the event again in 2023 - oh yes! In keeping with what now seems to be tradition, I asked Andrew Hawkes to assist which thankfully he agreed to do!
A much bigger event this year than the previous - 2022 had around 400 runners, this year over 800 had signed up by the day before, let alone however extra many turned up and signed up on the day. Unfortunately, unlike last year, this year the weather decided it would like to play a part! On the plus side, I think the rain added something to some of the photos, so it's not all bad!
Awards were given out this year by triathlete Jonny Brownlee - winning runners were fastest male Benjamin Douglas of Leeds City AC, fastest female Rebecca Flaherty of Bingley Harriers & AC.
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