Let me introduce myself - I'm Richard, an aspiring photographer based in Yorkshire, in the UK.
I've been interested in photography since I received my first Kodak instant camera (yes, complete with four-shot flash cube!) as a child. I graduated through the various phases - 110s and APS - before stumbling on digital in its early days. As a technology geek, it was a win-win situation for me. I remember that first time I took a digital picture - all 1 megapixel of it - and being amazed at being able to review it instantly. I think I deleted it!
Starting out with a point-and-shoot, I eventually treated myself to a bridge/prosumer camera and that's when I realised I was hooked and wanted to learn everything I could about this piece of kit. Fast-forward a few years (more than I'd like to admit), and having worked my way through a couple of bridge cameras, and two Nikon DSLRs, back in 2016 I switched to the Micro Four Thirds mirrorless system - specifically the Panasonic G80 - and love it, which I upgraded to the Panasonic G9 in 2019.
Unfortunately, like most of us, I have to work for a living, and that living is as an IT instructor, which I've been doing for over 31 years now. I'm fortunate enough to teach Photoshop, amongst many other applications, which fits in very nicely with my interest in photography.
As an IT instructor,  an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and a photographer, I try to combine the skills of each when I'm running a course, talk or presentation - when teaching a course I can 'talk photographer speak', and when I'm shooting I can be thinking about the editing process too.
So, sit back, browse, and I hope you enjoy my stuff.
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