This talk covers my start-to-finish process for restoring historical photographs using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
I start by talking about considerations when scanning, before dragging the photograph into Photoshop. Once there, we then cover the process of resizing, straightening and cropping if necessary.
The next steps are to retouch and repair the photograph and I show my preferred methods for cleaning up and restoring an image.
Finally, I cover the techniques I use to apply colour to a photograph. No prior knowledge of these techniques is required, and a PDF quick reference guide will be made available to attendees at the end of the session.
Duration: 2 hours | Price: £30
"It is rare to have someone explain the intricacies of photo editing with such clarity and at such a well-judged pace …… and at the same time make it interesting and engaging. So, really, thank you."
"I enjoyed Richard's easy manner and clear instruction... let's have him again for another Photoshop tutorial."
"Impressive mastery of several very useful techniques tonight, and he described it all very well and so clearly that even I could follow."
"Thank you for such a brilliant talk tonight, really enjoyable... I think we have all got old photos that need attention and you have provided us with the knowledge to do just that ...and you are sending us a PDF, what more could we ask for."
"Really enjoyed your talk. Layers are frequently regarded as part of the Black Arts and many inexperienced members are frightened of them. I think your explanations clarified and de-mystified them."
"Thank you for such an enlightening evening. We have just been discussing the lecture and you have more than impressed our members and given us so much to think about once again. I say a big 'THANK YOU' Richard."
"I thought the easy-going style and honest down-to-earth delivery went down really well with our guys. I think you really engaged the membership which made the evening go past in the blink of an eye."
"Really well presented, I really enjoyed it and learnt a few tricks along the way."
"What a fantastic night at Stafford Camera Club by Richard O'Brien, his ‘History Recoloured’ presentation was very informative and showed members the potential for working on their family albums"
"Another superb night from Richard - much appreciated. Extremely interesting and easy to follow - made all the easier by accompanying notes"
"This talk was so motivating that one of our members immediately put the steps into practice and coloured two images overnight."
"The techniques used for repairing and recolouring via layers can easily be applied to other areas of post processing. Highly recommended."
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