I'm an IT instructor in my 'day job', which I've been doing since the early 1990's. In that time I've delivered training to somewhere in excess of 40,000 people!
I'm an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, and would like to think that I bring some of my real-world experience (from a photographic perspective) to my training courses, and some of my editing skills, thoughts and processes to my shooting.
I am available for Zoom-based talks, presentations, lectures and training sessions, some of which are detailed below.
If you would like a talk or a training session then please get in touch - I can provide an outline of suggested content, or I can run a completely bespoke session, for up to 15 people.

architecture: exposure to edit

history. recoloured.

wonders of the hashemite kingdom

the power of masking
in lightroom and adobe camera raw
"Your knowledge of the Photoshop editing tools though is astounding and the straightforward way you can put this knowledge across is truly a skill. You have the knack of making the complexity of the editing tools fade away by your simple, understandable instructions and the results speak for themselves."
"We absolutely loved the session. We had to switch the camera off as I’m sure everyone didn’t want to see the looks of amazement and wonder on our faces when Richard was explaining things. It’s revived our enthusiasm for using Lightroom again."
"Very good session picked up some good tips and worked on a couple of pictures whilst he was talking. I like the increased functionality of the masking and now how you can add/subtract, duplicate and invert a whole mask and copy a mask from one picture to another. Very quick and very powerful."
"It was a very informative session. He explained it thoroughly. Thanks for organising such an excellent speaker."
"You can tell he's a trained instructor, very clear and easy to follow."
"It's not often a speaker explains clearly and concisely how they achieve their images. The techniques Richard explained can be used when editing any image and this I found really useful."
"The other thing people really liked was your style of presenting. I know you said it’s your job but believe me after many years in the IT industry I can see you have a talent that can often be lacking in “geeks”. You have a great way of engaging with people."
"It's great to see a photographer taking kick-ass shots without having the most expensive kit!"
"Richard's style is so well paced, and I'm sure everyone would welcome him back for another of his talks!"
"Great evening really enjoyed it…. images were fabulous and his explanation of his process both in capture and editing was excellent and tailored to club members. His willingness to answer questions was also much appreciated."
"Really enjoyed last night. I think the way Richard presented and the way he went through post processing really suited the Zoom way of meeting."
"Learnt a lot about Lightroom and Photoshop I didn’t know"
"The training you’ve given us has been excellently balanced both in content and relaxed delivery. You manage to make things appear achievable through demeanour and easy to understand methods."
"Richard was so easy to listen to, he didn't rush anything or confuse us with unnecessary info."

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