In this talk we take a photographic journey through the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Starting in the north of the country in and around the capital, Amman, before heading east to the desert castles.
We then head southwest to Madaba and the Christian holy site of Mount Nebo, before travelling south to the ancient Nabatean sites of Petra and Little Petra.
The desert of Wadi Rum - the 'Valley of the Moon' beckons - and we travel through this desert region, made famous by many movies. An overnight stay in a Martian Dome at one of the many camps brings this part of the trip to an end, and we head to the narrow strip of coast at the resort city of Aqaba to end our journey.
Duration: 2 hours | Price: £20
"It was like having our own tour guide tonight, we stayed on chatting and everyone said how much they enjoyed the tour your provided and the clear easy style it was delivered in."
"Very interesting with some superb photos. I certainly have Jordon on my bucket list now."
"Really enjoyed tonight's talk. Not just images, full of background information that made you feel you were there. Excellent!"
"...thank you for your talk about Jordan. Very informative, think we will be looking into Jordan for a holiday!"
"Great talk, as I knew it would be."
"Never disappoints. Great talk."
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